Application Q&A

What is the procedure for application?

Thank you for the question! It is a very important one. The procedure is very simple:

  1. Identify ONE function that you would like to apply & check if there's any opening.
  2. Fill in the online application form & finish online assessments (Success Driver Assessment and Reasoning Screen) before the deadline.
  3. You will be able to update your resume before the deadline.
  4. Selected applicants will be invited to take the written Reasoning Test.
  5. Selected applicants will attend Initiative Interview.
  6. Applicants who passed the Initiative Interview will be invited to go through THREE one-to-one or ONE three-to-one Comprehensive Interview(s).
  7. Offer

Are there any important tips for on-line application?

  1. Set up and maintain ONE User Name & ONE e-mail address unique only to you. Applicants may be disqualified if they have more than one account.
  2. We only accept application from local residents or people who have working visa or permit in your applying country.  For other candidates, if you are interested in P&G but do not have the right to work in the country you're applying, we recommend you to apply for the region where you have the right to work.
  3. When you get to "Search Jobs" webpage, please kindly follow the processes below:
    • Based on your preference, search Hong Kong or Taiwan in the "Location" column.
    • Click "Search Jobs" button.
    • Select only ONE position among the available openings to apply.

What kind of people we are looking for?

We believe the success of your future career in P&G is strongly related to the mutual match between your personal value and our company value. Therefore, we seek for people who believe in and practice integrity and trust, people who have strong leadership and ownership and also passionate for winning.  

As your job scope/work location is not limited to your home market, mobility & location flexibility is essential.  

Is good academic result a must in the selection?

Academic result is one of the important factors but not the only one or the most important one.  We would like to know you from different aspects (and academic side is one of them) in order to know whether you match our company's needs to have long term mutual success. Thus, no matter what your academic result is, all you need to do first is to complete the on-line application to let us know who you are.

Do I need to have a particular degree for the function I apply for?

No. We accept people with any discipline.  However, some functions do PREFER candidate with certain degrees. Nevertheless, it is NOT A MUST

Function Preferred Degree/Courses:

  • CMK: Marketing, Mathematics, or Statistics.
  • F&A: Economics, Finance, Accounting or Business Administration.
  • IT: Computer Science, MIS, Automation, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Information Engineer, other degree with Computer & Electronic knowledge.
  • PS: Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Materials, Logistics, and Industrial Engineering.

What kind of language do I need to know?

For Hong Kong candidates: Fluent English and Cantonese, Mandarin is preferred.

For Taiwan candidates: Fluent English and Mandarin.

How many openings do you have for this year?

There is no fixed number and it depends on the business needs. We are looking for outstanding students who are qualified, well match with our company, and are location flexible.

Can I apply if I am not a citizen of Hong Kong or Taiwan?

We highly appreciate your great interests in P&G. However, we only accept candidates who are eligible to work in HK/TW (e.g., local citizens or candidates holding work permits).  For other candidates, if you are interested in P&G but do NOT have the right to work in the applying country, we recommend you to apply for the region where you have the right to work. 




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